Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/11/21

Dear Diary,

There was a shift in the weather this week, and even though I felt like things were starting to calm down, I still haven’t looked into that design job of Lottie’s because I’m still quite busy enough on Xanadu. Maybe after the holidays?

So I helped out Gulliver at the very end of last week, and as this one kicked off, I got my reward. It was another geisha wig, but thankfully it was in a color scheme I don’t already have. And as I am a hopeless hoarder, into storage it goes!

Much to my surprise, I did pretty well with new DIY recipes this week, getting them from my neighbors and even one from a bottle I found on the beach. In addition to the imperial pot Francine taught me, I found one for a medium wooden partition, Cherry gave me the recipe for a golden gear tower, and Apple taught me how to make a golden bathtub! The only problem is that I keep learning recipes that require another item to start with. I can’t make a golden gear tower without a gear tower first. I wish they’d stop giving me these DIY recipes out of order!

I have a lot of cards for different villagers so I just pulled one at random to invite someone to The Roost to hang out for a bit. Eugene was super cool and I wouldn’t mind if he actually moved to Xanadu. I think he’d be a great addition to the crew!

Once again, I left it up to K.K. Slider to pick a song and once again he picked one of his new tracks. This time it was “K.K. Polka,” which if I’m being honest, isn’t really going to be one of my faves. I did think it was adorable that Cherry whipped out a glow stick when K.K. Slider started playing, even if it wasn’t necessarily appropriate for “K.K. Polka!”

A friend of mine sent me this panda backpack which I thought was super cute so I wore it around for a day or so. Then another sent me a bear backpack. I’ve never seen these before, but they’re super cute!

When I saw this throne on sale at Nook’s Cranny, I simply had to have it. Not that I have anywhere to put it since it doesn’t really go with the decor in any of my rooms… I did have to run over to the ATM to get 800,000 bells, though. Not like I carry that kind of cash around on me! The bank really should think about issuing an ATM card that we can use so we can just automatically pay for things using the money in our account. Or even the Nook Phone… I know modern technology lets you pay for things with your phone now (not that I’ve done it myself because I’m a little behind the times…).

I ran into Sherb on the beach and he admitted he was thinking about moving away. I just couldn’t bring myself to let him go, though. He’s one of my oldest and dearest friends on the island. And he’s also super cute and hilarious. What would I do without him?

Because if I let Sherb go, I’d probably end up with someone like Frank moving in. No offense to Frank, but when I popped in to visit while he was camping on Xanadu this week, I was immediately turned off. He’s a bit too aggressive for me. I like the laid back type.

As the week wore on, there was a day when it started to snow. It wasn’t really enough to stick to the ground yet — in fact, it barely showed up in pictures — but it was enough to inspire me to put on a warmer coat!

I came out of my house and was very confused when I could hear Lopez’s voice calling out to me. I didn’t see him anywhere and it seemed to be coming from the house but when I went inside, he wasn’t there. I went back outside and realized that he was wandering around the little ledge that runs along the back of the island behind my home. Weirdo. Anyway, he invited me over to his place, so we hung out for a while. And then the next day, I happened to be inside my home for a bit and he popped over for an unexpected visit. Not that I mind, because it’s Lopez!

I also did pretty well with the cooking recipes this week, too. Plucky taught me to make pumpkin soup, I learned how to make vegetable crepe from a DIY card I found washed up on the beach, and Zucker gave me the recipe for coconut cookies! Yum!

I popped over to Harv’s island earlier in the week, and while I bought some rare wallpaper, flooring, and a rug from Sahara, Redd was displaying stuff I already had. However, he did pop up in his trawler at the end of the week, and to my surprise he was selling this warm painting that I didn’t already have in the museum. Now we have “The Clothed Maja” by Francisco de Goya. In fact, I did a quick pass around the art section and it seems like I only need two paintings and three sculptures to complete all the displays! Of course, that just means it will be less likely that Redd will be selling what I’m looking for…

I’ve been continuing to see new items for sale at Nook’s Cranny, and when I saw this vintage sofa, I simply had to have it. It wasn’t even that expensive, which, I mean, come on — just look at it. It shouldn’t cost much! It’s not super comfortable, but it looks super keen. I love retro and vintage stuff. Maybe because I’m a little on the vintage side myself!

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