Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/10/22

Chris Eades
4 min readDec 10, 2022


Dear Diary,

Well, it was a pretty busy week on the island this time around! I learned some new things, our new neighbor is a sassy delight, I kept my boyfriend from making a big mistake, and started decorating for the holidays!

Right off the bat, Robin cemented my love by wanting to gossip about everybody on the island. And later in the week, Sasha was trying to tell her a joke he made up about her, and Robin delivered some scathing shade in return. I was impressed.

Of course, literally the day after Robin moved to Xanadu, it was her birthday. But I didn’t know anything about her aside from that she was super sassy. I hadn’t even seen how she decorates her home yet so I didn’t know what to possibly get her for a present. I ended up just wrapping up a succulent plant and calling it a day. She seemed to like it, and from what I’ve seen of Robin so far, if she didn’t, she’d let me — and everyone else — know!

I was also surprised to learn a couple of new DIY crafting recipes this week. Not from my neighbors, though. Both of them were from bottles washed ashore on the beach. First, I learned how to make stacked shopping baskets, and later in the week, I found a recipe for a cool pansy crown. I’m not likely to make either of them, honestly, but it’s always nice to learn something new!

Gulliver got washed ashore, and I had some extra time that day so I decided to give him a hand digging up his parts to fix his phone. And the next day he rewarded me with another tubeteika, although thankfully it was a color I didn’t already have. Score!

Coco wanted to play treasure hunt, and I happily agreed. Both because it’s something fun and different to do, and also because a couple of times in the past when I’ve played treasure hunt with someone, they’ve given me their picture if I win. Unfortunately, although I did find the treasure, it wasn’t Coco’s picture. It was just a guide shirt. Poop.

I found Lopez deep in thought on the beach, but he wasn’t contemplating the waves or the clouds or counting grains of sand. Nope, my boyfriend admitted he was thinking about faraway lands… and moving there! Naturally, I put a stop to that line of thinking. It’s been so long since Lopez has tried to move away I thought maybe he finally got the message that he can never leave me. I would be utterly heartbroken. Hopefully it’ll be a long time before he tries again!

Super glad we had Robin camping on Xanadu last week because she’s awesome. This week, Buzz set up a tent for a day and I… wasn’t as enamored of him. He seems like a big brute. I don’t mean to judge a book by its cover, but…

At the end of the week I found a bag laying on the ground and it turned out to be Sasha’s. Unfortunately, I still didn’t get his picture in exchange for doing him a big favor. I just got a long down coat. Which is kind of nice because it’s cold and starting to snow now, but it wasn’t a very stylish color. (I wasn’t going to tell Sasha that, though!)

And finally, I redecorated my back room for Christmas. Er, Toy Day. I forgot that there isn’t a whole Jingle series of furniture to decorate a room with anymore so I just went fancy with some of the elegant furniture I’ve accumulated. And all the ornament decorations make it look super classy. Now, if only that pile of presents were real instead of only just a decoration! I’m hoping that next week, the snow that’s been falling periodically will actually start to stick so I’ll feel better about decorating the island. (It would just look weird to decorate when everything’s all brown and grey and sad…)