Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/6/21

Chris Eades
8 min readNov 6, 2021


Dear Diary,

Oh my, there is a lot going on now! The island is full of new activities and discoveries! Halloween was, as expected, a dud, but by the end of the week there was so much to do that there was no way I could possibly do it all. So I’m going to take my time and make it last as long as possible. But there’s still a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in!

I felt bad for Flurry but I was happy I had some medicine on me so I could help her get better. I’m all about doing favors for my friends, even my new friends I don’t know that well. Although I was a bit concerned when later in the week, Harry came down with the same thing. I guess there’s something going around the island. Hope I don’t get it!

As I explained, I was wearing costumes leading up to Halloween but I of course changed again for the big day. This year I went as a mummy. I even did my makeup! Of course, as I expected, it was exactly the same as last year. So it was cute to exchange candy with my friends and see what they dressed up as. But Jack was giving out the same stuff as last year. For a piece of candy I got another one of his robes and then once I got a lollipop off someone I exchanged it with Jack for another spooky carriage. So I didn’t last long before I called it a night and went home.

Then I decided to dress up for Day of the Dead. And I snapped a pic of myself sitting on my patio with the marigold decoration I bought from the Nook App to celebrate this particular holiday. It’s very pretty.

Mom sent me another Mom’s lively mat along with a letter talking about how the fall foliage makes her want to bake everything. Honestly, I would’ve liked some of those cakes, cookies, and muffins instead of another floor mat. But I guess I can cook them myself if I really have to!

Zucker seemed preoccupied so I checked in with him and he admitted he was considering leaving Xanadu to try having new adventures elsewhere. But I didn’t want him to leave yet. He’s funny and he only just got here. It’s too soon to let him go.

Of course, later that day I checked to see who our guest camper was and it turned out to be my old friend Deli! I kept him prisoner in my last town for so very long he might actually still be living there. I don’t know. But there were no open slots for him to move to Xanadu so I left him to enjoy his vacation. Besides, I’m pretty sure I have his card so if I ever really wanted Deli to move here in the future, I could make it happen!

With the beginning of November came mushrooms. So many mushrooms! I didn’t bother picking any because I don’t have any new DIY recipes to make anything with them so it’s not worth the bother. But I feel like they don’t go away and grow new mushrooms every day… they almost seem to be sticking around so by the end of the week there were mushrooms everywhere. I hope I don’t end up having to spend a lot of time picking mushrooms to clean up my island and keep it looking pretty.

At the end of the week there were all kinds of changes to the island. In her announcements, Isabelle talked about ordinances that I can enact if I talk to her, I got letters in the mail saying that home remodeling costs had been discounted, and one about making my own ADB terminal. And Apple did something she’s never done before, she invited me over to her house! And as we visited, we played a card game and when I left, she gave me a copy of her favorite K.K. Slider record. Such fun!

When I went to have Blathers assess the fossils I’d dug up that day, he explained to me how he wanted to open a cafe in the museum and he needed me to track down his old pal, Brewster, who should be on a nearby island. Oh, and he also gave me a poster for completing the fossil section of the museum. He had posters made up for each section and while you can just buy them, I didn’t even ask about that because I feel like they should be earned.

So I went down to the dock where Kapp’n was just lounging in his boat. For 1,000 Nook Miles, he’ll take me to a random island where I can find all kinds of new things. And as a bonus, you get a fun sea shanty during the trip! I’ve missed Kapp’n. Boat rides with songs are so much better than quiet plane rides!

The island I went to wasn’t that interesting, but it did have lots of money trees so I could collect a bunch of bells. Oh, and of course, Brewster was there wandering around and taking in the sights. He was after gyroids, and gave me a gyroid fragment. Then I was able to talk to him about Blathers and inviting him to come to Xanadu to open up a cafe. (I realized the next day that I’d made a slight mistake because when I went to the museum there was no cafe and when I talked to Blathers, he declared they’d have to shut down for a day for construction. So now I have to wait an extra day for the cafe to open… Oops!)

Not only do my friends invite me over to their homes now (Francine did it as well) but they just barge right into mine! I was trying to hang up my museum poster when Zucker just wandered in. It’s a little annoying, but I guess I can’t be too mad since it’s literally what I do to their homes when I just knock and walk right in! He also played a card game with me and gave me a present.

But I did get my framed fossil poster hung up. Oh, and that Blathers photo that Brewster gave me so I’d know who I was looking for. Like I don’t remember Blathers! I didn’t go to the Roost that often but I certainly know all about him!

So I also found another gyroid fragment on the island that I dug up, so I planted them both as instructed and watered them. They kind of smoked a little which I thought was weird, but they didn’t explode or anything. The next day, I had a whistloid and a spikenoid that made weird sounds. I like that these gyroids are more interesting looking than the older ones were. But I also hope that I can store them at the Roost like in my previous town otherwise I am probably going to have to shell out for expanded home storage so I can collect them all!

I bought this handheld lantern from the Nook App as a limited edition item celebrating the European lantern festival. It’s fun to hold and walk around with but I put it on the corner of my patio instead. That doesn’t look as good, to be honest, because it’s kind of small.

I went for another boat ride to see what I could discover, and I found an island where there was this crazy glowing moss. Also vines that you could either climb to get to a higher level or pick to take with you. I took a few back to Xanadu to hang so I could get up to another level without having to walk to the ramp, but I have lots of ramps so they’re not really necessary. They do look cool, though! I wasn’t going to bother with the moss until I found this bottle washed ashore and it contained a DIY recipe for a full-body glowing moss suit! Unfortunately, the island didn’t have quite enough moss to make it. And then when I wanted to go to another island, Kapp’n informed me he only does one trip a day! Rude!

I had also had a letter from Harv, but it wasn’t until the following day that I decided to fly over there and see what he wanted. There was a new section of his island open and it turns out he wants to make a plaza filled with co-ops. Of course each one takes 100,000 bells to establish so it’s going to be expensive. Good thing I have millions in the bank! I was also excited to see Harriet again but disappointed that all the collection Lloyds were for other stands, like Redd and Reese/Cyrus and Katrina, but there was no Shampoodle. I miss Shampoodle. I really hope I don’t have to finish the entire co-op before she opens up her own shop… Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! There’s a lot to do so this is going to take a while. There’s no rush, after all.