Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/27/21

Dear Diary,

Life on Xanadu continues to be full of fun activities and new things to discover. And of course, I continue helping my friends out by giving them medicine when they’re sick, delivering their presents to make up with someone after they’ve had a falling out, and whatever else they may need. And on top of everything else, we had a holiday this week!

K.K. Slider had a good crowd for his show this week. I told him to pick whatever he wanted, and took a seat next to my boyfriend, Lopez. And once again, K.K. Slider picked one of his new songs, “K.K. Lovers!” Yay! Perfect for a romantic concert with Lopez under the stars. Shame Apple and Zucker had to be there…

I’ve been stopping into The Roost every day as part of my daily routine, just to see who might be hanging out there and to get myself a cup of coffee. Sometimes there at the counter and sometimes to go. But I was quite surprised when I was sitting at the counter and Tommy popped in on a break from the shop to pick up a couple of to-go coffees for him and his brother!

I also enjoyed the photos on the wall at The Roost of Brewster’s old shop. I remember it well. The little stage where K.K. Slider would come and play on Saturday nights, the cute little sign outside… aw… memories. I also got another souvenir gift from Brewster after I stopped in for a cup of joe — a cup and saucer, emblazoned with the Roost logo on the cup. Love it!

I also discovered something else this week: If you’re not in the main room of your house, your neighbors will actually knock and wait for you to answer instead of just walking right in. Because I was in my diner kitchen cooking up a storm when Zucker stopped by and when he knocked, I was trying to take a snapshot of my delicious new mushroom pizza. But I apparently took too long because by the time I started to go answer the door, he gave up and went home! I felt kind of bad, but also filed this away for future reference that if I’m not in the mood for dealing with an uninvited guest, I can just hide out and wait for them to go away!

What’s even funnier is that later that same day, after I’d gone and bought a Velma from Scooby Doo cosplay outfit at the Able Sisters, when I went home to drop some stuff off, Zucker stopped by again! This time I let him in. He gave me an apple as a present, but mostly he just sat in a chair and read a magazine. So I just sat on the couch and watched TV. He had a great time hanging out, so whatever works for him!

Although I then got the impression he was just shining me on and didn’t really have that great a time because the very next day, he told me he was thinking about leaving the island! Now, if I had ignored him and he’d said this, I would have felt terrible. But we totally hung out and he had fun and he still wants to move? Rude. Naturally, I told him to stick around because he’s kind of hilarious and awesome and I don’t want to say goodbye quite yet.

I bought some workout clothes at the Able Sisters (still in Velma colors, though) and decided to give this new group stretching thing a try. A bunch of random villagers and residents (including C.J., who was visiting that day) joined in and I desperately tried to keep up with them. I wasn’t very good since it was my first time. But maybe with a little practice I can get the timing down.

Later in the week, I had a present arrive from my friend, Rob, this Hello Kitty topiary. It’s so cute! I put it out in front of my house for everyone to enjoy. I haven’t gotten my hands on any of the special Sanrio items because I can’t seem to find the cards for them. It’s like how I never find any special DIY recipes, but in the real world!

Speaking of special DIY recipes, I shot down a balloon and much to my surprise, it held a DIY recipe for a maple-leaf pond stone! Not only did I get lucky and get a recipe instead of garbage furniture or bells, but it’s a recipe that I don’t already have! I went and caught a few maple leaves so I could make it, and it’s basically the same as the cherry blossom one, just with maple leaves floating in the little pool of water, obviously. But this will be it. Just one DIY recipe per season, with my terrible luck…

Once again, it was time to celebrate Turkey Day, and Franklin was in the plaza all set up to do some cooking. And of course, he was once again unprepared and I had to step in and help him collect his fresh ingredients to complete his recipes. As I did each one, I was a little annoyed that I was being rewarded with the same Harvest furniture items as last year, instead of recipes, now that I know how to cook for myself. But I was very happy that at the end, once the feast was completed for everyone to enjoy, Franklin shared a cookbook containing the recipes for everything we’d made that day. Yay! (Oh, and I wasn’t really in the mood to go around and gather up extra ingredients for him to make special versions of the recipes because I already have all the Harvest furniture, so it would have been a waste of time. Everyone can just eat the regular versions of the dishes!)

I have to admit I’ve been just a little bit lazy about helping donate bells to set up the co-op shops on Harv’s island. But I did finish Kick’s trailer by the end of this week so he could open up.

This also meant that Harriet was there to offer me a new haircut. And it’s my favorite one yet! Such a cute little swoop! I love it! I’m still sad there’s no Shampoodle music even while she snips and styles, but even sadder is that I only have one more co-op to build which means that at best there’s only one more hairstyle for her to show me. Aw, I like seeing all the new looks… even if I don’t like them on me!




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