Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/26/22

Dear Diary,

Not a whole lot happened this week, but what did happen was pretty big! We had a holiday, said goodbye to a friend, and had a stroke of minor luck. But not necessarily in that order!

So as you might recall from my last diary entry, I was still holding onto those 500 turnips I’d bought from Daisy Mae for 97 bells each because the price had been down all week long. Saturday was the last day I had to sell them, and thankfully, the price went up ever so slightly. I only made 5,500 bells profit, but hey, that’s better than taking a massive loss! The stalk market is so stressful!

The week kicked off with Francine asking me how I would react if she told me she was thinking about leaving the island. I have to admit, when she first showed up, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about it, but the little polka-dotted bunny really grew on me. So while I’m sad to say goodbye, I’ve already cemented our friendship and gotten her picture so I’ll never forget her. And I’m looking forward to some fresh blood around here. I always get too attached to my neighbors and hold them prisoner for years. It’s really not fair to them.

I had found a book laying on the ground and was told that it looked like it might be Ace’s. But it took me so long to find him that he was already asking me if I could keep an eye out for a book he’d lost. But either way, it’s strengthened our friendship, which is the most important thing. Although I’ve gotta admit, I’m a bit curious about his “creative” way to play softball…

This week was Turkey Day, and Franklin was back to cook up a feast for everyone on the island. I don’t usually bother with these holiday events anymore because I already have the special items a couple time over from previous years, but I couldn’t let everyone go hungry! Plus, the ingredients Franklin requests are rather easy to procure so it’s not that much trouble. Shame there’s not anything new for him to reward me with, but whatever. At least we can eat. That’s the most important part!



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