Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/25/23

Chris Eades
3 min readNov 25, 2023


Dear Diary,

Well, this week brought Turkey Day but I decided to give it a miss this year. I had enough to deal with already, so I didn’t need more stress and obligations. Hopefully, Franklin was able to actually cook food for everyone on the island this year without me gathering his ingredients for him. Otherwise, everyone’s gonna be super disappointed and Isabelle might not pay him!

The week kicked off with Kitt admitting she was thinking about moving away. Unfortunately, we’re not BFFs yet so I don’t have her picture and can’t let her go until I do. So I asked her to stick around a while longer. If only I could just flat out tell them I would let them go if they gave me their picture, maybe they’d cough it up sooner!

This week, I found and returned a couple of lost items. But they were to people who I am already BFFs with so it didn’t help me cement friendships with newer folk. First was Sherb, and I got a nurse’s cap for my trouble, and then a few days later, it was Lopez, who thanked me with a comedian’s outfit.

Redd parked his sketchy boat out back again this week and I saw he had a cactus for sale. I wasn’t sure I already had one, so I checked on my phone. Turns out I do, but not this particular variation, so I paid his ridiculous markup to have this one, too. Not that it matters, because I have millions in the bank, but it still irks me how he overcharges for everything…

I was absolutely stunned to shoot down a balloon and discover a new seasonal DIY recipe that I didn’t already have! It was for a tree’s bounty arch, which I crafted and placed at the entrance to my yard. The leaves were easy, but I wasn’t having any luck shaking pine cones or acorns out of the trees. So I went and checked my storage, and luckily, I had a ton of acorns and enough pine cones to quickly craft the arch. Sometimes it’s good to be a hoarder!

At the end of the week, Apollo told me he was moving away and seemed to have his mind all made up. I got a little worried that I wouldn’t even get the opportunity to ask him to change his plans and stick around, but thankfully, I did. And I did. And he agreed. Phew!

On the Friday after Turkey Day, I wanted to avoid any kind of shopping for obvious reasons. But I figured Nook’s Cranny would be okay. I totally forgot that they also have a big discount sale for a week or so after Turkey Day. Thankfully, Nook’s Cranny isn’t that crowded with people looking for bargains! I want to avoid crowds wherever possible! (And, of course, the discount is useless to me when they aren’t selling anything I actually want to buy!)