Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/20/21

Dear Diary,

Well, I continue to discover and experience new things almost every day on the island now. So much so that even though I know there’s a job opportunity out there for me designing homes on a nearby island, I just don’t have time for that right now. Soon enough I’m sure I’ll become a little bored again and have more time on my hands and then I’ll give Lottie a call. But for right now, I’m having plenty of fun on Xanadu!

On one of my trips with Kapp’n, he took me to an island where it was somehow spring. Not sure how he managed that, but it was fun. And I found a DIY recipe for a cherry-blossom pond stone, so I collected enough cherry blossoms while I was there so I could craft it. But I was surprised it was a new DIY since it felt familiar. And sure enough, when I got back to Xanadu, I already had a cherry-blossom pond stone set out. Now I’m wondering where I got that one, since I obviously wasn’t able to craft it. And they don’t sell it in the store! I guess it’ll remain a mystery because my memory is just terrible!

When K.K. Slider came for a concert I let him pick the tune and once again, I was delighted that he picked one of his new songs I don’t already have. “K.K. Khoomei” is pretty good, too!

I also bought a Chitose Ame, which is a seasonal item that was temporarily available. It’s candy for Shichi-Go-San, but I don’t want to eat it. I always treat these kinds of things as collectibles. I’ll just store it and hope it doesn’t attract bugs!

I got a really awesome gyroid that blows bubbles and I love him. I put most of them in storage, but the really neat ones I have put out around my house in the yard. Oh, and I discovered something new about gyroids this week: If it rains, the next day you will find a few of them magically buried in the ground around the island! I was super surprised when I went to dig up a fossil and it turned out to be a gyroid!

The leaves started falling as well, with the trees well into fall colors. I just sort of instinctively started collecting a bunch until I remembered that you can only use them in the special DIYs that you get from shooting down balloons, and I only get about one DIY out of a balloon every six months or so. It’s always bells or furniture. I never get recipes. So I don’t really need to bother collecting leaves since I’ll never use them anyway…

Static was camping on Xanadu this week and I just thought he was the cutest thing ever so when he expressed a desire to move to the island I urged him to follow that dream. Unfortunately, he didn’t even give it a second thought. He immediately was all, “No, I can’t do it right now. It’s not the right time” or whatever. Sigh. I mean, then why even bring it up in the first place? Tease…

Now that people can just invite themselves over, I am afraid to spend any time in my house. But I’ve also been cooking a bunch, so I discovered that if you’re not in the main room of your house, they’ll just knock on the door instead of barging right in. Of course, you’re basically trapped because you can’t get out without approaching the front door, at which point, they do just walk right in! I need to talk to Nook about installing a back door…

I finished donating enough money to open Tortimer’s trailer at Harv’s co-op, and it was nice to see him again. I’m glad to see the former mayor is still kicking around and full of sass. And he serves a relatively useful purpose because he can put things in your storage at home and get them out right here from Harv’s island. I guess he has a dimensional portal in the trailer? Or else it’s magic? I’m kind of afraid to ask… Oh, and later in the week I also paid off Sahara’s co-op so I can buy wall, flooring and rugs from her. It’s nice because you can actually see the walls and flooring you’re buying instead of just giving her bells for some random nonsense you might not even want.

I also came to realize that Harriet only opens her little “shop” to give you a new hairstyle every time you finish paying off one of the co-ops and the new person opens up. Although this time I actually did enjoy the style she gave me because it was a boy’s haircut. Although with the glasses I kind of look like Elvis Costello!

Cherry looked sad so I checked in with her and it turned out she was thinking about moving away. I feel like I haven’t gotten to really know here yet so I asked her to stick around. She’s a fun rocker chick and I don’t want to say goodbye to her quite yet.

This week when I went for a cup of coffee at The Roost, Brewster asked if I wanted pigeon milk in it. I didn’t even realize that you could milk pigeons, but damned if Brewster’s milk doesn’t make his coffee even better! Oh, and also, after downing a cup of coffee this week, he gave me another gift. This time it was a bag of coffee beans. I socked them away in storage just in case they become useful in a cooking recipe he give me in the future… You never know!

Much to my surprise, Redd had a piece of artwork for sale on Harv’s island that I didn’t already have. And it was actually the genuine article! So I bought the Wild Painting Left Half and donated it to the museum to complete this set of Folding Screen of Fujin and Rajin by Tawaraya Sotatsu. It’s pretty cool. And I love filling up my museum with new art!

Also this week, I came to realize that I was filling up my storage to the tipping point so I checked in with Tom Nook about expanding it. It’s crazy expensive, and it’s not even the final expansion so I can’t imagine how much that one would cost! But right now, this will do nicely. It’s a little inconvenient that he can’t just take the bells out of my ADB account directly. I had to go walk across the room to the terminal and withdraw 500,000 bells to give to him. Guy only wants cash. Oh and I also spent some Nook Miles to upgrade my design app and let me customize fencing. I’ll explain why shortly.

Later in the week, I went to Harv’s Island and found Tortimer wearing this unbelievably scary acorn mask and calling himself Cornimer. And for some reason, he likes to hand out acorns to you. Which I happily will take because they’re a pain to get out of trees. Not that I have any new DIY recipes to make with them, but I can’t turn down a free gift!

This week I decided to put away all my Carnivalé stuff that I’d left out all year and make a little disco. I created the dance floor lights in the design app for a Saturday Night Fever look, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to customize the fencing, so I couldn’t create a velvet rope out front. Not crazy about the red brick, either. Still, it’s a work in progress…

I ran into Gullivarrr on the beach again and helped him out again but I just got another pirate rug. And not even a color or design variation. I don’t know if he has any. After enough duplicates, I might stop trying to find out…

After I upgraded the storage in my house, I got a letter in the mail that I can also use Nook Miles to get a storage shed I can put anywhere so I can access my storage through the magical dimensional portals wherever I like. There was a pink storage shed I could just buy with the Miles but I opted for the wooden storage shed recipe instead. I had to go get more wood in order to build it but I thought it just fit in with the island decor better.

At the end of the week, Azalea set up camp on the island. I wasn’t super crazy about her so as soon as she mentioned how much she liked it here and might want to live here, I beat a hasty retreat. Sorry, girl!

I finally got some wheat starters off Leif this week because they apparently rotate their stock every week. So I planted some and a few days later was able to finally make some flour so I could try some of those recipes I’d been collecting for weeks. I made bread and scones and spaghetti and more! I’m surprised I enjoy cooking so much because it’s really just busy work. I don’t do anything with the food I cook. Sometimes I’ll display it in my diner kitchen, but mostly it just goes into storage. But for some reason, I just find it fun! Go figure. (Oh, and this is my Dorothy Hamill realness hairdo I got off Harriet when Sahara’s stall opened. I changed into a more appropriate ’70s style attire to go with it.)