Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/19/22

Dear Diary,

Not a whole lot of luck this week, unfortunately. Still haven’t caught a barreleye, and only one new recipe to learn. Oh, and I might be out a whole lot of bells… Yikes!

So I was up early enough to run into Daisy Mae, and I bought 500 turnips at 97 bells each. Unfortunately, the next day the price went up to 98 and after that, it’s been either down a little or down a lot. I’d hoped maybe by Friday it would pick up, but it was even worse. So basically I’m hoping that Saturday, the final day to sell them, the price magically skyrockets, but with my luck, that’s pretty doubtful…

On the plus side, since I never play the stalk market, there are still DIY recipes to learn. This time, Daisy Mae sent me a cooking recipe for some bamboo-shoot soup. That actually sounds pretty good!

I popped into Sasha’s this week and found him sick again. I don’t know what he keeps getting up to that he’s catching colds all the time, but he should probably reevaluate his life choices. Anyway, as always, I had medicine on me just in case, so I was able to help him get better… and solidify our friendship at the same time. Bonus!

The trees have been turning for weeks, but this week the leaves finally started to fall. And of course, there are big maple leaves to catch in your net as always, but I’m not finding any new DIY recipes to make with them. I never do!

Wrapping things up at the end of the week, Caroline stayed overnight on Xanadu at the campsite. She seems like she’d be really cool, but unfortunately there’s no open space on the island. Maybe next time, girl!



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