Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/18/23

Chris Eades
4 min readNov 18, 2023

Dear Diary,

Well, the trees finally turned proper colors and the leaves started falling, but of course, I’m not bothering to collect any maple leaves because I don’t have any new seasonal DIY recipes to make. And I doubt I’ll discover any new ones before it starts to snow. I just don’t have that kind of luck (despite my “Lucky” nickname!).

As the week kicked off, I found Robin’s lost book but sadly, all I got for my troubles was a bathrobe. Still, I’m happy to do her the favor because it means it’s just one more step towards cementing our friendship and getting her picture. Or…

Literally the very next day, Robin was considering moving away! Seriously? At least wait a few days after I do you a favor to try and scarper! Naturally, I told her she should stick around. I’ve grown rather fond of her personality and even if I had her picture already I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye yet.

Once again, Nook’s Cranny was selling something that I assumed I already had in my inventory from the past years, but go figure — I have never ever in my life seen a simple chair for sale or received it as a gift. Well, now I’ve added it to my catalog… not that I’d ever probably want to redecorate with the simple furniture, but it’s the principle of the thing.

This week, I saw Celeste getting coffee and made an actual note to go back and find her that evening. Unfortunately, the DIY recipe she gave me was for a tree-branch wand, which is like… lame. And worse still, I didn’t see any shooting stars.

This week, Gulliver washed ashore again and I helped him out again. For my trouble he gifted me another geisha wig. At least I didn’t already have the red one!

Isabelle announced a camper during the middle of the week and I went to see who it was. But it was just Marcie. I don’t know her, and I can’t say I’m eager to get to know her at all. Although who knows? I thought Kitt was lame at first but she grew on me! Of course, it’s a moot point because we have no room on the island currently.

Redd showed up with his sketchy merch, and I was surprised to see he was selling a compact kitchen. I’ve never seen one of those before, so I snatched it up, even at his ridiculous markup.

At the end of the week, Ace looked upset, and I was afraid he was thinking about moving away. But it turns out that Lopez was just making fun of his catchphrase. Now, I’m pretty sure I didn’t suggest he use “girlfriend” for his catchphrase, so he must have picked it up somewhere. In any case, I was happy to help him out by suggesting “sucker.” He should go try that out on Lopez now!