Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/18/21

Dear Diary,

Well, I had the opportunity to make a new friend this week but then it was taken away from me and a new friend was just forced on me, basically. Actually, this whole week was a case of good luck, bad luck! Let me explain…

So I got another kaffiyeh from Gulliver for saving him at the end of last week, but luckily, it was a color I didn’t already have. So that’s a plus. I guess I’ll still keep helping that loser out. For now…

We had a camper and I actually thought Avery seemed pretty cool so I was going to invite him to move to the island and take Diva’s empty plot of land. Unfortunately, the same day that Avery was visiting, I discovered that the land had already been bought out by someone else! Uh oh!

So Zucker moved to the island, and while he’s a little odd-looking, he seems cool. He’s got that same scatterbrained talking-to-bugs personality that Sherb and Clay have. So he should fit in just fine around Xanadu. Although the fact that he’s got a stick in the back of his head sort of creeps me out. Doesn’t that hurt?!

Genji told me he’d thought up a new nickname for me and I was a little nervous but “champ” is pretty good. In fact, it seems to be catching on, because later in the week, Lopez asked if he could use it, too! Makes me feel like a winner!

I crossed my fingers when Redd showed up this week, and although at first glance I thought I had all the art he was selling, I checked the museum, and I did not have this Amazing Painting. Being the only option, I was just praying that it was the genuine article, and luckily, it was! So now I have this giant Rembrandt titled “The Night Watch” in my museum!

I was also very excited when Isabelle reported during her announcements that we were due for shooting stars that evening. I haven’t seen any of those is ages! And luckily, as I made my rounds it was already getting dark so I was able to wish on a bunch of them before going home. But after searching the entire island for Celeste and wondering why I couldn’t find her to get a new DIY recipe, I realized it’s because Labelle was parked in the plaza doing more fashion research. And we can’t have more than one visitor at a time on the island. Phooey! I haven’t seen shooting stars in a while, but I can’t even remember the last time I saw Celeste! I wanted a new DIY recipe but now all I’ve got is the star fragments and nothing new to build with them.

At the end of the week, we had another camper and she also freaked me out. Much like Zucker, she’s got a weird body modification that I don’t understand. Is that makeup that makes her horn look like a strawberry? Or is it an actual strawberry? Is it permanent? Or does she do that to herself every day? Either way, I don’t think I want another one of these weirdos living on Xanadu. One is more than enough!

I was also surprised when I found a bottle washed ashore on the beach and it actually contained a DIY recipe I didn’t already have. That’s a very rare occurrence these days. I mean, it’s just a pansy wreath, so it’s nothing too exciting, but it is a snazzy pansy wreath, so I guess that’s something, right? Better than a regular one!