Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/13/21

Dear Diary,

Well, remember last week when there was all kinds of fun new things to do on Xanadu? So my diary entry was kind of long? Well, this one’s even longer! I learned even more new things this week! So let’s not waste any more time!

To start with, K.K. Slider has some new music to play. I don’t know the names of any of the songs so I just let him pick whatever he wanted to play. And luckily, he went with “K.K. Chorinho,” which was one of the new tunes! Phew! (Although sadly, it was a private concert because no one else was around…)

So I upgraded my DIY app to include recipes which opened a whole new world of things to make. And I discovered that sometimes if I catch a fish, I’ll suddenly come up with a recipe to make with it! So I started fishing again in the hopes of collecting more recipes. Also, sometimes when you visit a neighbor, they’re cooking instead of crafting furniture, and you can get a recipe off them, too. It’s weird, because all you can really do is eat, display, or store the dishes you create, but I’m still kind of into collecting the recipes and making them. I just need some wheat. I’ve got sugarcane, tomatoes, and potatoes, but I’ve yet to visit an island where I can pick some wheat. And without wheat, I can’t make flour, which all the good recipes need! Soon!

Colton was camping at the beginning of the week, but he just seemed like he was well up himself and I wasn’t interested in inviting him to live here at all. Not that we have any space for anyone new anyway!

After closing down the museum for a day for construction, it finally reopened with The Roost cafe in it! And much to my surprise, when we had the big ceremony to dedicate it, literally everyone on the island came! Usually it’s just a few of them, but for this, it was big news, I guess! Everyone loves coffee!

Naturally, I used the phone to call up an old friend, Tiffany, so we could chat over a cup of coffee. I also invited Anchovy another day just to see him again. After ordering a few cups of coffee, Brewster then told me I could order from the counter and get coffees to go. And after I ordered a few of those, he then offered me the recipe for his Roost sablé cookie. Not that I can make them yet, because I don’t have wheat, but they look delicious!

Genji sent me this robust statue in the mail and much to my surprise, it was the genuine article! Now my museum has a Discobolus, the famous statue from the 2nd century CE. We needed more statues to fill this area of the museum up. It’s looking better!

Lopez asked if he could come over, so obviously I couldn’t refuse! First, he wandered around the main room downstairs and even sat down and flipped through a magazine. But when I went upstairs, he followed and we ended up sitting down listening to records for a while. It was a good time.

I was reminded recently that I haven’t seen Celeste or any shooting stars lately so I decided that I should go out at night more. Of course, when I tried, I immediately ran into a ghost right outside my house! I actually had a little trouble finding all the pieces of Wisp that went flying off when I scared him, but I did. And I asked for a piece of furniture I didn’t already have so he gave me a bidet as a reward for helping him out. I would have sworn that I already had a bidet, but guess not!

I was delighted to find that as the co-ops were opening up their stands on Harv’s island, that Harriet set up a little chair to do haircuts. Unfortunately, since it’s not the Shampoodle salon, there’s no music playing, which sucks because that is literally one of my favorite songs ever. Also, she’s not always in business, sometimes she’s just hanging out. But I’ve been able to get three new looks from her, which I can then do myself after she’s shown me how it goes. The problem is that so far, all three have been ladies styles, and only one kind of worked for me…

I invited Lottie for coffee since I haven’t seen her in a long while. And she brought a couple of friends with her. The big guy didn’t say much but the little monkey was adorable! She told me about her new business designing homes for people on a nearby island resort. Sounds like there might be a job in it for me. I should look into that someday… if only I wasn’t already so busy here on Xanadu!

One of the first co-ops I donated to on Harv’s island was Leif in the hopes that I could get some wheat off of him. But so far, the only starters he’s selling are tomatoes and potatoes. Which I already have. I need him to sell things I don’t have!

The first one I donated 100,000 bells to so it would open ASAP was Redd’s trailer. Unfortunately, it seems that he only sells two works of art, and it’s just those all week. Maybe they’ll change weekly? I hope so. He also has a raffle, but all I got was a chocolate donut. Yummy, but not a work of art.

My friend Nelson sent me this lovely little green fan. It’s pretty fabulous, but it’s getting chilly out now so I don’t really need it. Except to look fabulous, of course!

I guess flying back and forth between Xanadu and Harv’s island got me a little frequent flyer reward from Dodo Airlines. They sent me this nice little DAL mug. I wonder if I could bring it with me to The Roost and have Brewster just fill it up?!

I was a little taken aback when Apple expressed a desire to move away, honestly. I don’t feel like she’s said anything like that in a long while. I actually gave it a few moments thought, but quickly told her to stick around. She’s one of my oldest friends on this island and I’m not sure I can say goodbye. Maybe one day, but that day hasn’t come yet.

I saw this beautiful stained glass ceiling lamp in the shop but Timmy and Tommy refused to sell it to anyone without a Pro Decorating License. So I had to run over to the town hall and spend some Nook Miles to get a Pro Decorating license that will allow me to create accent walls (like, one wall of a room can be a different color/paper/etc), and hang ceiling lamps. I had to have it!

I rescued Gulliver again this week, although as you can see, it’s been pretty busy and I very nearly left him there. The thing is, Isabelle has changed her announcements and now mentions if someone like CJ is around. And after hearing her give advice on how to help someone washed ashore and urging everyone to do the right thing, I couldn’t very well leave him laying there, could I? Of course, all I got for my troubles was another sombrero. Still a new color I don’t have already, but I feel like we have to be running out of variations… right?

The very second I met O’Hare I knew I wanted him to come live on this island with me. He was just instantly charming and awesome. And I was very happy when the next time I talked to him, he mentioned moving. Unfortunately, he decided to be weird and leave it up to fate. He picked a card and I unfortunately guessed red when it was black. So O’Hare will not be moving to Xanadu after all. Boo. Who leaves a major life decision up to a card game, anyway? Ah well, maybe it’s for the best. What if he spoke to Resident Services and said he’d move here if he kicked out Lopez or Genji? I wouldn’t let that happen.

I also paid up the donations so Katrina could open up a fortune-telling stall on Harv’s island. Thankfully, it’s not just up to me. Other people seem to be donating as well. Not a whole lot, but at least it’s something and it’s not all on my shoulders! My first fortune was that I will have good luck with money. Maybe. She always hedges her bets, that Katrina. Spoiler alert, I had no luck with money that day.

Sherb told me he’d come up with a new nickname for me and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised it was food. But somehow I think burrito is the funniest nickname ever and I really hope it catches on with the rest of the island! I love it!

Kapp’n will only take me on one boat ride a day and I still haven’t found any wheat, but at least at the very end of the week I managed to luck into another island with the glowing moss so I could collect enough to make this Full-Body Glowing-Moss suit. It’s rather fabulous and it kind of sparkles and glows. I waited until night to take a pic so you could appreciate it more. Of course, I have nothing else to wear with it, but I just wanted to make it to have. I also got another glowing moss DIY recipe to make a balloon, but sadly, there wasn’t enough moss on that little island to make the suit and the balloon. Next time!

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