Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/12/22

Dear Diary,

Well, this week I made a new friend and also developed one of my old friendships a little more. I also got some new stuff, which is always appreciated!

As the week began, I checked in on Ace and found him under the weather. As always, I had some medicine on me for just such an emergency, and I helped fix him right up. Helping someone not die is always a good way to solidify a friendship!

I also went diving late at night and caught myself a spiny lobster! Unfortunately, that’s all I can get this month now. There’s a regular lobster I also haven’t caught yet, but that’s only available at night starting in December. So it’ll be a few weeks before I go diving again.

Francine looked deep in thought so I wondered if she might be considering moving off the island but nope, she’d actually just come up with a new nickname for me! And while “Snookums” sounds a little silly, I actually really like it!

Zucker’s plot sold pretty quickly and very soon Renée had moved to Xanadu. She seemed pretty cool and I was surprised when she was actually home the following day so I could check out her decor. (Usually new residents spend the first couple of days exploring the island.) And it’s very rocker chick… so her sailor shirt doesn’t really work for her. Unless she’s wearing it ironically?

Gulliver washed ashore and I was feeling generous so I dug up all his communication parts and helped him escape the island again. In exchange, he sent me a Dala Horse, and I didn’t already have the red one! Nice!

Of course, as I was putting out my Dala Horse and trying to take a photo of it, Ace invited himself over. That’s what usually happens when I’m in my house for more than a minute or two — uninvited guests. But since it’s Ace and I still don’t have his picture yet, I was happy to host him. Even if all he wanted to do was walk around and inspect my stuff and then do some aerobics in front of my stereo.

We had a camper this week, but unfortunately for Rocco, Renée had already bought the empty plot of land. Because he seemed pretty laid back and might have been a good fit on Xanadu. Even if it kind of sounds like an insult when he calls me “hippie.”

That sailor shirt of Renée’s was really bothering me so when I had finally gotten to know her well enough to give her a gift, I bought her a bulldog jacket from the Able Sisters and she loved it. It really does suit her personality a bit better. I was hoping for a motorcycle jacket, but this will have to do for now! (I just hope she actually wears it!)

I was out fishing for a barreleye at the end of the week and while I had absolutely no luck on catching one (it’s proving rather elusive) I did shoot down a balloon that gave me a DIY recipe for a mush log! I went ahead and made it, and it’s just a mushroom-covered log. You can’t even sit on it or anything because it’s kind of huge. It just sits there. Oh well!



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