Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/11/23

Chris Eades
4 min readNov 11, 2023

Dear Diary,

The leaves still aren’t falling, but the mushrooms are everywhere! I don’t bother picking them every day so they’re kind of multiplying. Thankfully they don’t seem to stick around permanently, otherwise the island would be overrun!

Naturally, the start of a new month means a new letter and present from Mom. “My dear Chris,” she wrote. “Something about seeing piles of colorful leaves everywhere puts me in the mood to bake. Pies! Cakes! Muffins! Biscuits! I can’t fight this. I won’t. I think I need a bigger fridge. — Mom.” But did she send me any of those delicious baked goods? Of course not. Just Mom’s reliable kitchen mat. Sigh.

Olaf was our camper this week. He seemed a little intimidating at first, but I think he would have been a pretty cool neighbor to have… if there was any room on Xanadu for him right now.

Kit was lost in thought and when I interrupted, she admitted she’d been daydreaming about living on a different island. Look, earlier on I would have been happy to let her go, but I’ve kind of grown to enjoy her, so I’m not going to let her go until I get her picture. But after that… bon voyage!

This week I was kind of blown away to go into Nook’s Cranny and see something I’ve never seen before. The medieval building side was a little pricey at 9,800 bells, but I simply had to have it. It’s so cool! I don’t know where I will put it or if there are any other pieces to the medieval building, but I still had to make it mine. And later in the week, Redd parked his boat out back and he had a school locker for sale. It looked familiar but when I checked my catalog I didn’t have it already so I sucked it up and paid Redd’s exorbitant markup to add it to my inventory. (Not that I need to watch my spending… it’s the principle of the thing!)

Later in the week, I poked my head into Brewster’s and saw Celeste sitting there having a cup. I made a mental note to go out later that evening once it was dark to see if I could get a DIY recipe off her and make some wishes on shooting stars. But I should have made an actual note because I totally forgot to do it!

I checked on Ace and found him under the weather, so I was more than happy to do my friend a solid and offer him some medicine. Unfortunately, I still didn’t get his picture for helping him out and doing him this favor. Just a conductor’s jacket. Sigh. Maybe next time!

And finally, I helped make peace between Lopez and Apollo. To apologize, Lopez gifted Apollo with a tennis sweater which I had to admit didn’t look absolutely horrible on him. (He’s a big bird, so you have to find the right clothes for his physique…) Apollo gave me his text shirt to say thanks, although I still believe that in the end, this counts as a favor to Lopez. But if it scores me some points with Apollo, that would be great, too!