Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 10/9/21

Chris Eades
4 min readOct 9, 2021

Dear Diary,

It was a pretty good week on Xanadu, but I had to say goodbye to someone and I’m not sure I made the right decision…

Given that it’s October, I felt it was time to redecorate my back room. So out goes all that Mario crap and back out goes all the spooky stuff! It was the portrait of Jack that reminded me I have all the decorations to put up. Including the previous portrait of Jack I have. Actually, I already had two in storage, and I don’t remember how I got the second one last year!

To my surprise, I found Harry working on a spooky treats basket, and he happily shared the DIY recipe. So I guess there are some new items to collect this year! The following day he gave me a recipe for a spooky trick lamp and then a couple days later, Apple gave me the DIY for a spooky tree. Score! Of course, I’ve still got plenty of pumpkins in storage from last year (they don’t rot for some strange reason…) so I don’t need to worry about growing new ones to make these items. Also, at the very end of the week, a green spooky treats basket was on sale at Nook’s Cranny anyway, so I maybe don’t even have to waste my time… unless I want a specific color, I suppose.

I was surprised to come across Apple, Plucky, and Genji having a barbecue in the plaza. Where was my invitation, gang? Those skewers look delicious!

I helped out Gulliver again and he sent me this very colorful sombrero the next day in the mail. I don’t have this variation already so… yay? It’s a bit much and it doesn’t really go with the ’80s stonewashed denim nightmare look I’m currently rocking.

Eunice told me she was thinking about moving and for a hot second I almost asked her to stay but then wished her well instead. Of course, immediately afterward, I felt bad about it and wished there was a way to change her mind. She’s not terrible, and I’d much rather see Plucky move away. But now it’s too late. The decision has been made…

Although I really do think that if Eunice was going to decide to move away, she really should have a place to move into all ready. I don’t think I like the idea of her having to put all her stuff into storage while she sleeps on someone’s floor so she can look for a new home.

Flick also came by and I happened to already have three Madagascan sunset moths already caught to give him for another sculpture for my butterfly garden. Unfortunately, now that the temperature is cooling down, there aren’t as many butterflies so I’m going to have to wait until spring before I can really finish this off.

The day after Eunice moved out, we had a camper at the campsite and I had my fingers crossed that it would be someone awesome that I could ask to move into the empty plot of land. Unfortunately, it was just Annalise. Sorry, Annalise, no offense, but you’re not exactly what I’m looking for.

I was very excited at the end of the week when Redd parked his trawler and the Scenic Painting actually looked legit! I couldn’t believe my luck! Now my museum has a genuine “The Hunters in the Snow” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder. Finally! (I really do need some more sculptures, though… that room is still awfully bare…)