Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 10/23/21

Dear Diary,

It was a seriously quiet week on Xanadu. I suspect it may be the calm before the storm. There’s big things coming next month so I guess I should enjoy the peace and quiet while I can!

Things started off with Harry looking like he had something going on in that big old head of his and when I asked, he wanted to play treasure hunt with me. I agreed, and while it wasn’t easy (found lots of fossils along the way) I did manage to dig up the treasure before time ran out. My reward was a tulip hat, but the real reward was the fun of playing a game with Harry.

After those few new seasonal recipes, it’s been all duplicates from my friends and the bottles on the beach. At least until I found a DIY recipe for a log round table. Which still amazes me that after all this time I don’t have them all yet. Seasonal DIY recipes, sure. Those are rare and hard to get out of balloons. But the regular ones? After this long, I’m still surprised when I stumble across a new one.

I also helped out Gulliver again so I was rewarded with this sombrero. But luckily, it was a color variation that I don’t already have, so that’s nice. Doesn’t really go with my gay cowboy costume, though… I’ve decided to dress up in the days leading up to Halloween. Still haven’t settled on what I’m going to wear on the day, though… Have to give that some thought!