Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 10/10/20

Chris Eades
5 min readOct 10, 2020


Dear Diary,

This week, I really started getting ready for Halloween, but the big news is that I got a bunch of presents. And one of them was extra-special! I couldn’t believe it!

I couldn’t believe I almost forgot about K.K. Slider again! So when I went to his show, it was really, really late and no one else was around. But a solo show is a special treat! I let him pick, and while I had thought I had “K.K. Cruisin’” already, I actually didn’t. And it’s seriously one of his best tracks of all time. How did I not already request this one specially?!

I keep getting spooky recipes and when I got the spooky fence, I simply had to make it and fence in my pumpkin patch with it. Spooky furniture I’m keeping in storage until I have enough to do up a room, but the decorative stuff I’m putting around my patch. (Which, by the way, I have stopped watering. If you leave it, you just get one pumpkin per starter, but watering every day gives you three and now I have more pumpkins than I know what to do with!) And as you can see, I’ve also played with the skin and eye color variations for the season. And Kicks was selling bat wings I couldn’t resist!

Julia stopped by to camp on Xanadu for a day and she looks far too cutesy for me. I don’t know. Just my first impression. I could be wrong! But it’s not like I have any empty space right now anyway.

I was surprised when Rizzo sent me a tremendous statue but I suppose I really shouldn’t have been too excited about it because as with the other times I was gifted a piece of art by a friend, it turned out to be a forgery. Sigh. And I was all excited because I haven’t seen Redd in a while. But now I’ve got a fake piece of art to deal with. I ended up just putting it down by Genji’s house since it’s an Asian piece of art and that’s how I’ve decorated that corner of the island.

Speaking of decorating the island, as soon as I got a recipe for a spooky lantern, I immediately used up some of the tons of pumpkins I’ve already amassed and put a little jack o’lantern in front of everyone’s homes to decorate for Halloween.

Gullivarrr got washed ashore and while it took me a little while to find his phone in the ocean, I eventually did and he rewarded me with this pirate cannon! Naturally, I had to put it next to the pirate treasure and barrel.

This week was Kiki’s birthday, and I popped in to the party for a bit. Her next-door neighbor, Kitty, was her special guest and I rather enjoyed the party dress that Kiki was wearing. It must be new because I’ve never seen it before. I wasn’t sure what to give her so I bought a dolly at the shop and wrapped it up. She seemed pleased with it, but not so much that it seemed like she was overcompensating by being over-the-top.

And much to my surprise, the next day when she sent me a thank you note, the gift she included was Kiki’s picture! I couldn’t believe it! I honestly thought Lopez would be the first to give me his picture because I talk to him every single day and I’ve given him a bunch of presents. So I was honestly surprised that Kiki liked me this much! But I finally got my first picture!

I had to temporarily change out of my Halloween getup because Label was in the plaza doing her research and she wanted a formal outfit. I wore the jacket she gave me and paired it with a fedora, pants, socks, and shoes to match. And even though I still looked like a green Frankenstein with red eyes, Label was absolutely blown away by how perfect my formal look was. I got a Labelle skirt and the usual tailor tickets in the mail the following day.

After changing back I saw Genji deep in thought and he revealed he was thinking of moving out. I didn’t want him to go because I actually really like him and besides, as I’ve said before, his home exterior is perfect for my Asian corner of my little island. If he left, I don’t know what I would do with all that stuff. So I convinced him that this is his home and he shouldn’t go anywhere!

Also, towards the end of the week, Redd did actually show up finally so I was able to go in and look around. Rizzo’s statue may have been a fake, but this moving painting isn’t! Now I have Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” hanging in my museum! Score!