Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 10/1/22

Dear Diary,

The week got off to a seriously awkward start when I forgot to visit the island on Saturday. When Sunday rolled around, I realized that I’d missed the last Bug Off of the year. But even worse, I had missed Apple’s birthday! I felt just terrible. Since you can’t give belated birthday gifts, I basically just avoided Apple for a bit and hoped when we did speak, she wouldn’t mention it. And thankfully, she didn’t, so it wasn’t awkward. But I just know she’s mad at me…

It’s quite rare to discover a new DIY recipe, even the cooking recipes. So I was pleasantly surprised that this week I did actually find one. In a bottle on the beach I found a recipe for fruit scones. Yummy!

Roald wanted to move again but I asked him to stick around. I’ve actually found him to be kind of cute, despite his constant talk of working out. Plus, I don’t have his picture yet. So maybe one day I’ll let him go, but not until then.

I’m always slightly irritated when I find a lost item and when I return it, it belongs to someone whose picture I already have. I’d much rather do favors for the newer residents who aren’t best friends with me yet. So I was both sad and happy to pop into Sasha’s place and find him under the weather. Sad because it stinks to be sick, but happy because I could give him medicine and get even further on his good side. There’s always a bright side!

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