Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 1/29/22

Chris Eades
4 min readJan 29, 2022

Dear Diary,

I keep forgetting to go back in the evening to request a tune from K.K. Slider so once again I got no new music this week. Sigh. But I still learned some new stuff and made a new friend… although the jury’s still out on her!

So Coco was the creepy-looking stone rabbit that I thought she would be. The thing is, I don’t mind her being a little weird-looking (I don’t mind that stick lodged in Zucker’s head, after all…) but I have to admit I was a little disappointed that she’s kind of… boring. I don’t know what kind of personality I was expecting, but this kind of nice, polite neighbor wasn’t it.

Francine’s birthday didn’t quite fall in the same week as the other two last week but hers was more important. See, I had the gift for her, but it wasn’t wrapped. But I foolishly went into her house anyway because I forgot. She welcomed me to her party, but I quickly exited and rushed to the store to get some wrapping paper. Thankfully, when I went back and talked to her, she still asked if I’d brought her a present. I wasn’t sure if ghosting on her like that would turn her against me and she’d be all “Why did you come back?” or something. She seemed to like her present, but it was just a pink coat so maybe she was shining me on. I can’t tell with her.

Coco’s house is also quite minimalist and stony. I kind of like it, though. I found her cooking up some orange jelly, so she taught me the recipe. I also learned peach pie from Francine, gnocchi di carote from Harvey, and potato potage from a bottle washed up on the beach this week. Good week for cooking!

Ribbot visited Xanadu camping one day early this week, and part of me wouldn’t have minded if he’d moved her instead of Coco. And if his personality got on my nerves, maybe he could be reprogrammed!

I found a DIY recipe for a senmaizuke barrel washed up in a bottle on the beach, and I was surprised to find out that you need 30 turnips to make it. I haven’t bought turnips in months and months. Mostly because I’m just not up and about that early on Sundays, but also because playing the stalk market is a bit stressful for me, personally. But I’m going to have to make sure to try and get some turnips from Daisy Mae soon so I can at least craft this barrel! Oh, and I was also super happy later in the week to shoot down a balloon that actually had a DIY recipe in it! That literally never happens for me. Oh, it was for a frozen fence, so I’m probably not going to make it, but it’s still nice to have!

Once again I very nearly left Gulliver laying on the beach for someone else to deal with but my conscience wouldn’t let me. At least this time I got a new color of silk hat for my troubles. (And by the way, how pretty are the clouds in this picture?!)

I’d been holding on to two Rajah Brooke’s birdwings for weeks and weeks waiting for a third to give to Flick to make a model of it but then he showed up before I did! Thankfully, I stumbled across another one that day so I was able to commission a piece of his art to add to my butterfly garden. I’d hate to have to wait for his next visit!

Towards the end of the week I popped into Genji’s place to check on him and found him super sick. Thankfully, I always have medicine on me and am willing to do my friends a solid. I don’t want any sicknesses spreading through the island. This is where I come to get away from all of that!