Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 1/28/17

Dear Diary,

I actually learned something new this week, but I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to put it into practice. But this week I was finally able to do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages!

You’d think Monty and the other monkeys would have realized by now that I will never let them leave if they ask me for permission first. They’re gonna have to sneak out like thieves in the night — although I hope they never do!

So I was actually up early enough on Sunday to run into Joan, and even though they were a little expensive, I decided to go ahead and buy some turnips just to see what happens. It’s been a long time since I’ve dabbled in the stalk market. I mean, I have millions of bells in savings, so it’s not like I need the money. I just thought it would be fun to play for a change.

Unfortunately, as I write this week’s diary entry, I realize that I went through the entire week without once checking the turnip prices in Re-Tail! I can’t carry 500 turnips around with me every day, so I stored them in my home, which meant they were out of sight, and therefore out of mind. Sigh.

I was chatting with Pippy one day and she told me that if I StreetPass a lot of people, the number of items that Re-Tail will pay double for will increase. I’ve never heard of this before, which is crazy for the amount of time I’ve been living here! But I appreciate Pippy for finally giving me the tip. Thought I don’t know how that would work. Like if I pass by a lot of people then I’ll find more gold nuggets? Seems unlikely. About as unlikely as me passing a lot of people in one day, especially since I don’t know how many it would take!

Mallary asked me to bury a time capsule for her, and after the disastrous incident with Pippy’s, I buried this one immediately. Wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice!

This week I also finally got my hands on the cards to invite some new visitors to Geneva. Not sure why they were so had to locate, but I finally snagged some. Unfortunately, while they’re supposed to be people who haven’t been seen in towns since the very beginning, my all-time favorite, Ace, isn’t included. I don’t see how that’s fair at all. It’s very upsetting. However, I did remember Maddie, so I had her possess Wisp for a little visit!

Instead of asking for a gift, I asked her to come play, which made the real Maddie move into the campground for the day in her special RV. It was all set up for a picnic, but I really couldn’t stay. It was nice to see her again, even if she doesn’t remember me from being my neighbor so very, very long ago. I mean, I look a little different, and who would’ve thought that I would one day be the Mayor?!

I was trying to go up to the museum to have Blathers identify some fossils I dug up and heard the bell at the crossing ringing. I tried to cross before the barriers came down, but it was like some invisible wall had already come down just before the barriers. So I had to wait until after the train went by before I could go on. Thankfully the train is just one car, so it doesn’t take very long!

Monty was telling me about a friend of mine who had visited and chatted with him, but I don’t know why he said it had happened recently. I haven’t had a visitor in Geneva in months and months. I can’t even remember the last one who came by! I really should do something about that…



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