Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 1/2/21

Dear Diary,

Well, 2020 ended with another flurry of activity as this was a pretty eventful week even before New Year’s Eve!

So remember last week how Jingle came and gave me some rewards for helping him do his job for him? Well, he hinted that if I hung up the stockings he gave me, I might get a special present. But I never got anything in the mail, so I figured something had gone wrong. But then I actually moved the fireplace out of the way so I could check inside the stockings and lo and behold, there was Jingle’s photo! At least it only took me a day to realize it. Although I suppose I would’ve noticed it when I finally got around to taking down the holiday decorations… not that I have many.

I was a little blue on Saturday night, so I actually did enjoy K.K. Slider’s choice to play “K.K. Étude.” He really is quite good at this. And again it’s a song I don’t already have in my library, so I appreciated that as well.

My friend Nelson sent me this snowflake pochette which went nicely with my ski outfit so I wore it around for the first half of the week. But even better was Kalee, who sent me the actual DIY recipe for an illuminated tree! I never get DIY’s out of balloons when I even see balloons, so that was a pretty amazing gift. Nook’s Cranny wasn’t selling festive trees so I had nothing to decorate my home with. It was an odd choice, but whatever. Maybe next year.

Redd also stopped by earlier in the week and I got excited at first to see the Mona Lisa for sale, but when I took a closer look, it was clearly a fake. Sigh. But this perfect painting looked genuine enough so now my museum has Paul Cézanne’s Apples and Oranges on display.

Gullivarrr washed ashore again and I was very happy that I found his missing phone on my first dive because the water is particularly cold right now and I didn’t want to be out there all day looking for it! In thanks, he mailed me a pirate barrel, which I happily added to my pirate booty collection at the dock. There used to be a regular barrel standing upright there, but now I have two different pirate barrels with the iconic skull and crossbones on them. Much more effective!

2020 came to a wonderful end when I emerged from my house and quickly discovered this lily of the valley just sitting there! I know from previous experience that these only appear when you have a perfect town rating, but unfortunately, I was unable to get into Resident Services until Jan. 1 because it was shut down for New Year’s Eve. Heck, you couldn’t even get into the building because of the giant countdown display! But sure enough, when I was finally able to check with Isabelle, Xanadu has finally achieved a five-star rating and she rewarded me with the golden watering can DIY recipe! I guess I finally have enough crap scattered around my island…

During the day, Isabelle gave me a light stick to wave at midnight, and Tom Nook gave me a pack of party poppers. He was also selling them, but I didn’t want anymore. I did, however, buy a purple New Year’s hat to wear at the party, and then found the perfect matching Labelle coat in the Abel Sisters. I came back out just before midnight so I could ring in the New Year with my friends and enjoy the fireworks. I felt bad that a few people weren’t in the plaza, but I went and checked on them at home. They were all dressed up and ready to go out to party, so maybe they were just running late. They missed the big moment, but the party went on all night. Well, I assume it did. I went home to go back to bed because I’m old!