Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 1/18/20

Chris Eades
4 min readJan 18, 2020


Dear Diary,

Well, I’m just trying to enjoy my last few months in Geneva, but as usual, things are conspiring against me. Not only do people keep trying to move away, but they’re also becoming a bit rude and I’m having so much trouble with building snowmen (and not the way I usually do, either!). Ugh…

So, remember last week when it was Tiffany’s birthday and she was so excited to get an astro TV from me as a present? Well, literally two days later, she asked me to help her find a new piece of furniture to spruce up her room. Why? Because she didn’t like her astro TV anymore. Seriously, gurl? Did you forget who gave that to you? Because you really should’ve asked someone else for help. Like, literally anyone else. Not me. How rude! (Naturally, I did not offer her any furniture in exchange. I mean, really…)

Usually I can only find one snowball in town and when I do find two, I accidentally destroy one while rolling it towards the other. But this week there were two so close together I decided to make a little tiny snowperson. Unfortunately, I forgot that the Snowtyke doesn’t give you a reward unless the rest of his family is already there. And he’s so small he’ll melt away before you can build the other three. Oh well!

Gabi tried moving away again this week and I’m getting so tired of it. I’m beginning to think I need to just lock her inside her house to prevent losing her before I move to my new home. At least in Geneva, telling someone to stay actually works 100% of the time so you don’t have to worry about them just doing whatever they want and leaving you all alone. That’s one of the best things about this town. Not sure how it’ll work in the new place, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

After insulting me by trying to get me to replace my own birthday present I got her, Tiffany had the nerve to ask me to do her a favor and dig up her time capsule. I considered ignoring the request, but honestly, I was curious what was in there myself. It was a work shirt with a letter which read: “To the future me, Why did I want this buried? Well, it’s part of my scheme to make it chic again! I’m tired of it now, but in the future? I bet this style will be SO tomorrow! I love vintage! — Tiffany” Of course, as usual, she was still tired of it and passed the work shirt along to me as a reward. It makes me look smart, so if the weather was warmer, I might have worn it. But instead, I just sold it on for a paltry sum of bells I don’t even need.

Later in the week I found some more snowballs to work with but unfortunately, while I seem to be able to make perfect snowpeople every single time (usually my proportions are off just enough that I don’t get a reward from them), I keep mis-sizing them. I thought I was making a Snowman so I could continue my bingo game, and it turned out to be a Snowboy. Sigh. And then at the end of the week, I was able to try again and even though it totally looked big enough, it was still another Snowboy. So now I have a snowman dresser and a snowman sofa in addition to my unfinished bingo card. I’ll have to try harder next week and make sure I build only enormous snowmen.