Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing 1/1/22

Dear Diary,

Another year down! At least on the island of Xanadu things were fun and enjoyable, so I am looking forward to the new year… there, at least! I gave up trying to build snowmen because every time I did I would just get another frozen item mailed to me. Never any more DIY recipes. I wonder if I’ve got them all? I should check. Anyway, it was still another week chock full of activity leading up to the New Year’s Eve celebration. Maybe now that the holidays are over things will calm down?

I bought some of the limited edition New Year’s items from the Nook shopping app, including this 2022 arch. I put it up at the entrance to my home but now we’ll see how long into January before I take it down…

In this photo, you can see that I’m wearing an ornament crown, a DIY I got off of Harry. And I’m standing in front of an ornament tree, which was a DIY recipe I actually got out of a balloon. I know, right? That never happens! Also, later in the week, Zucker gave me the recipe so I could make an illuminated present of my own. But I returned the favor by making my friend Rob a large festive tree because that was one he was missing. Oh, and at the end of the week, Cherry taught me how to make a Jingle wall!

I also bought this zodiac tiger figurine to display in my home because this is the year of the tiger. (I’m assuming… otherwise, why would they sell a tiger figurine?)

I was slightly disappointed that when I went back to enjoy my K.K. Slider song request, everyone had gone so I had my own personal concert. And oh my God, can I just say that “K.K. Break” is my new favorite song ever? It’s so good that it sounds amazing both live and on the record! So funky!

For Christmas I received the cards for some special Sanrio villagers so I invited a few of them to come for coffee in The Roost. So far, Marty was my favorite, and it would be fun to invite him to live here, but they all have their own unique… qualities. Also, after I invite them for a visit, a bunch of weird Sanrio-style furniture items and clothing are then available in my Nook Shopping app. So that’s pretty cool. Haven’t ordered anything yet, but it’s only a matter of time before something catches my eye!

I know I’ve been learning some unique holiday DIY recipes in the past couple weeks because it’s the season. So I fully expect to get nothing but duplicates of normal items now that the holidays are over. But I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve still been getting some new cooking recipes. Like Sherb’s pizza margherita, the mushroom crepe I found on the beach, the pumpkin curry I got from a friend, Zucker’s pumpkin scones, and Francine’s apple jam. Phew! So much cooking!

This week, I found Gullivarrr washed ashore on the beach. Thankfully, his phone was the very first thing I dove for and found, since the water is especially chilly right now. And as expected, it wasn’t really worth the bother because my reward was another blue pirate outfit. Oh well. I guess I really shouldn’t just leave him unconscious on the beach anyway…

Sherb told me he thought up a new nickname to call me. I was slightly disappointed that it was just “buddy,” but I didn’t have the heart to tell him how common I thought it was. He probably spent hours trying to come up with it, the poor little guy. So I told him to go ahead and call me that if he likes. We’ll see if it catches on…

At the end of the week, we rang in the new year with a special party in the plaza. This year, Nook was selling pointy New Year’s hats, so I bought a purple one to go with my sequined purple suit to look the part. Most everyone got dressed up nice for the party, so I wanted to do the same. As always, the fireworks were spectacular and I enjoyed setting off party poppers and waving my glow stick around for a while. Then it was off to bed. I’m too old to be partying all night! Leave that to the kids!




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