Wootini’s Animal Crossing Diary 3/2/19

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother making the effort. Because if I don’t, people try to move away. But even if I do, they still try to move away! I seriously just don’t get it. I’m starting to think Lopez doesn’t have the same feelings for me that I do for him…

So Lopez asked me to make a delivery to Butch, and even though I was all, “Why are you giving other guys presents?” I still felt like I should do my buddy the solid just to keep him on my good side. Plus, I had just passed Butch on the other side of the river, so it wasn’t even far to go.

And when I gave it to Butch, it turned out it was a present he’d ordered to give to me! He didn’t quite understand why Lopez gave it to me to give to him so he would give it back to me, but hey — neither do I. Sometimes my friends in this town don’t make a whole lot of sense. I acted like I appreciated the folk shirt, even though I later sold it at Re-Tail. (Don’t tell Butch!)

And when I ran into Lopez after, I told him what had happened, and he was just as confused. It also seemed like he wasn’t happy about it being for me, but maybe I was just reading more into it than was actually there.

I dug up what turned out to be another time capsule, so I popped into Quillson’s to give it to him. He seemed quite confused as to why he would’ve buried a stadiometer, and his letter read: “My dear person in the future, Hey, cheer up, future me! You have four walls on your house and a good head on your shoulders! So keep dusting off the cobwebs… and washing your face! Quillson, the Dreamer.” Well, I guess that’s good advice?

Unfortunately, he couldn’t give me a reward because my pockets were full and I simply couldn’t hold anymore more. So the following day, I got a letter from him that read: “To: You. Thanks for helping me with that time capsule. I know that note I left inside was a little personal. Let’s keep it between us? Oh, and here! It’s that gift I said I’d send! Lovingly, Quillson.” And inside was a winter sweater. Which was a nice thought, but it turned out to be a bit late.

Deli tried to move away and I asked him to stick around. I thought about promising to cook for him, but honestly I don’t make anything that exotic or interesting, so he probably wouldn’t be impressed. He should just take the train out of town to try restaurants in other towns. That’s what it’s for!

The reason why I said the winter sweater wasn’t much use anymore was because just a couple days later, the snow had disappeared! Now, I know it totally looks like summer, but it’s barely even spring yet, so no shorts and tank tops quite yet. But it’s also not really sweater weather anymore… I should find a new outfit.

Actually, I should go dig out my Festivale outfit so I can wear the garishly colorful ensemble on the fourth when Pave comes to town and the confetti rains from… the sky? Somehow? I don’t even know. He’s magic!

Pippy came up with a new nickname, and even though I’m not super pumped about “Sweet-C,” I didn’t want to have to think of something else, so I just went along with it. I mean, these guys change my nickname every other week, so it’s not like this one’s going to stick forever anyway.

It was a dreary, rainy day when Lopez added some rain to my parade by telling me he was going to move. Naturally, I stopped him in his tracks, but come on — seriously? Not only did I deliver that package to Butch for him, but later in the week, I also did him another favor. And for what? So he could still try to leave me? Sigh. Why doesn’t he love me the way I love him?



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