Chris Eades

This episode is finally a little shorter because while I did go see the new Scream movie, I didn’t really play much Guardians of the Galaxy for personal reasons. Then I wrap up by expressing my appreciation for games that allow you to adjust difficulty on the fly, especially with specific difficulty sliders!

Oops! I said this episode was going to be shorter than the last one, but then I ended up rambling on about West Side Story and ranting about Guardians of the Galaxy a bit more than I’d planned. So it’s only shorter by a couple of minutes. Sorry!

I kick off this episode by showing off one of my Christmas presents, then revealing just how close I actually came to buying a PS5 last week. And of course, I’m still playing Guardians of the Galaxy and I even finished The Great Ace Attorney… well, the first one at least!

I avoided COVID by hunkering down at home watching movies and TV and playing games. So I finished Rime and played a little Assassins Creed Valhalla, but didn’t make as much progress in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles as I would have liked, because I couldn’t resist Guardians of the Galaxy at half off!

Before I reveal my geeky Christmas presents (and a game I bought for $3 that I hope I don’t forget to play) in this special holiday episode, I want to share my thoughts on The Matrix Resurrections (which I saw from the safety of my own home, thankfully). Enjoy!